Case Study of Miami Orthodontist Group

Case Study of Miami Orthodontist Group
Business Model :Miami Orthodontist Group offers quality orthodontic services utilizing the latest orthodontic techniques for children and adults. Their key focus is on the smile transformation of their patients.

The friendly staff at Miami Orthodontist Group provides a wide range of orthodontic treatments, such as Invisalign®, Cosmetic Adult Braces, Dental Appliances, Bite Alignment, Dentofacial Orthopedics, and Orthognathic Surgical procedures. They use the latest equipment and procedures in dental technology to create confident smiles, beautiful faces.

Case Study of
  • Website:
  • Industry:Orthodontic Services
  • Target Market:Miami & Doral, Florida, USA
  • Challenges:

    The SEO challenges that we faced at the beginning of the campaign were the proper keyword research & targeting with focused on-page optimization. There was also a lack of Google Indexing of all the website pages and important on-page parameters (page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, canonical links). These were the main issues that we needed to resolve. The major challenges were:

    • 1) High Competition
    • 2) Lack of Quality Traffic
    • 3) Minimal Social Media Presence
    • 4) Poor Quality Backlinks

Our Findings :

YourSEOPick team identified the following issues that were the cause for the Miami Orthodontist Group website’s poor performance on search engines.

Improper Title Tags:

Title tags are the most important on-page element to influence rankings. Title tags should be unique for each page, with the primary keyword at the beginning and the brand at the end. Adding a unique title tag to each page summarizing the focus of the page will improve relevance and search engine rankings for targeted keywords. In the old title tags, we found that the primary targeted keywords were not highlighted in the titles.

Older optimized

Missing Meta Descriptions:

Meta descriptions are a brief description and summary of the contents of the page. Optimized meta descriptions improve the click-through rate. Meta descriptions should include a call to action and align with the title and H1 tag of the page. In the old meta descriptions, we found that the primary keywords were not used.

Older optimized

Missing Heading Tags:

Heading tags outline the hierarchy of content and must be unique to each page to help search crawlers understand the topical focus for a specific page and its subsections. Adding unique H1 heading tags to each page summarizing the focus of the page will improve its relevance and search engine rankings for targeted keywords. During our technical assessment, we found that there were no H1 header tags used on the homepage of the website.

Older optimized

Domain Authority & Trust:

The domain authority of a site is an important factor that ranks the site either as a high-quality or a low-quality site. It is measured on a 100 point scale. A site that scores above 40 points is considered to be a fair, good-quality site. Sites that score above 70 are considered to be truly high-quality sites. When YourSEOPick team tested Miami Orthodontist Groups’ domain authority, we found it was 17 (out of 100). It showed that the site’s quality was low in terms of trust and authority. Therefore, it required attention.

How we did it?


We understand that increasing visibility over the internet is the key to success for any business. Miami Orthodontist Group, being an Oral Health Solution provider, should have a strong online impact. They intend to draw visitors based in Miami & Doral, Florida. Therefore, the website must continually be shown in search results to gain more and more mind share with each potential customer. To gain a higher rank on the SERPs was our prime objective as it will lead to more visitors resulting in higher conversions.


Phase 1 – Website audit

We assessed the existing website against a list of checkpoints. These included major ones like website errors, design issues, links, URL health, meta tags, article content quality, robots.txt, file size, alt tags, image optimization, XML & Visual sitemap, etc.

After completion of the website audit, the major issues found on the website were as follows:
  • Missing H1 tags
  • Missing Alt tags
  • W3C Errors
  • Images With Sizes More Than 105kb
  • Improper Meta Title & Meta Descriptions
  • No Microdata
  • No Structured Data Markup
  • No SEO Friendly URLs
  • Improper Robots.txt
  • Poor Quality Backlinks & Fewer Backlinks

Phase 2 – Keyword research

Extensive keyword research was carried out on keywords like “miami orthodontic specialist ”, “dentofacial orthopedics ”, “alquizar orthodontics”, and more using keyword research tools like Google Ads.

The process :

  • Extracting the search term from each page of the website.
  • Generating a list of most relevant keywords.
  • Analysing the keywords used by the competitors.
  • Finding number of search results and global searches per month for each keyword.
  • Derivation of the most appropriate, profitable generic keywords based on The Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) and client demands.
  • Derivation of secondary and long-tail keywords for pages other than the homepage and for specific pages.

Phase 3 – On-page optimization

On-page optimization was the most demanding aspect of the Miami Orthodontist Group website. We did this through content optimization at the core of all on-page factors. We set up the Google webmasters tool to crawl and track the website errors and the Google Analytics Account to analyze the website traffic respectively. Apart from this, we optimized the Miami Orthodontist Group website for SEO Friendly URLs, Image Size & Alt Text, Meta Title & Meta Description, linking structure, Sitemap & Robots.txt, W3C compliance, and various other on-page factors.

Phase 4 – Website testing

We performed a website assessment to find any errors, bugs, content mistakes, and usability to check the website's SEO health after on-page optimization.

  • Post-optimization report was sent to the client.
  • Website changes finalized with the client's approval.

Phase 5 – Off-page optimization

As the Miami Orthodontist Group website is targeted towards Miami & Doral, Florida, USA, the core strategy for off-page optimization was set towards creating high-quality natural backlinks and social influence backlinks. We also wanted to create niche backlinks that could significantly help this kind of site to get higher rankings. We initiated this by carrying out 'Article Submissions' in high PR quality article sites. The title of each article focused on a generic keyword with an inner category link in the content.

Off-Page Tasks

Image Submission: High-quality image submission on the relevant sites helps gain more backlinks. This increase in backlinks leads to a boost in website rankings and online visibility and would help gain more traffic.

Image Submission Link:

Offpage optimization
Offpage optimization

Infographic Submission: Infographic submission helps convey a message in a concise and visually interesting manner. Combined with other factors, it helps gain higher search engine rankings.

Infographic Submission Link:

Offpage optimization
Offpage optimization

Blog Bookmarking: This involves bookmarking the blog pages on social bookmarking sites, which will help gain quality backlinks. This leads to better keyword rankings, more organic traffic, and improved brand awareness.

Blog Bookmarking Link:

Offpage optimization
Offpage optimization

In the initial 3 months, the Miami Orthodontist Group website ranked on the first page for a few keywords. Then we targeted more generic and highly competitive keywords, and almost after 6 months, the website got ranked on the first page of various major search engines, such as and Following is the list of keywords and their search engine rankings after 6 months of SEO services by YourSEOPick.

Google And Bing Comparative Keyword Ranking

Offpage optimization

Google Keyword Ranking

Offpage optimization

Bing Keyword Ranking

Offpage optimization

Google Analytics Result

We used Google Analytics to monitor all the parameters of the website traffic, such as the total clicks, bounce rate, user retention, session duration, and more. With this, we could monitor the average site position and modify our strategies as required.

Older optimized


After an increase in search engine visibility and traffic conversions, our future projections for Miami Orthodontist Group website is to:

  • Acquire the 1st position for each of the targeted keywords.
  • Increase social reach through Facebook and Twitter fan pages.
  • Focus on quality link building for gaining more web traffic.
  • Refine SEO strategy to meet the requirements of the market and business.
  • Focus on getting organic listing through paid methods like PPC (Pay Per Click) and carrying out Ad Campaigns on Social Media Sites like Facebook & Twitter.